Five years ago I took the first step towards building a business in real estate; an industry I knew nothing about in a community I had just moved to, thus, knowing no one. I joined Keller Williams because I knew their 1st class coaching and training programs would teach me the skills required to be a Realtor and I was counting on my own drive and determination to fill the gap. 

When I think back over the past 5 years I’m pretty impressed with the growth I’ve achieved and I’m so thankful for the experiences I’ve had. I even have gratitude for the mistakes I’ve made along the way because those are the lessons we never forget!

There have been so many families and individuals who have come into my life through real estate that I otherwise would have never met and who now I proudly call dear friends. I’ve had clients who have taken me in as their own and I have clients who have left lasting impressions on me, leaving me a better person than I as before. For every person whom I’ve had the pleasure of helping with real estate goals,I am so very thankful for you.

Professionally, I’ve become a confident and empowered business woman over these 5 years. Trainings and experiences have helped me to develop into a strong and good agent an that’s not just my ego talking.

My track record includes 1) being in the top 20% of my brokerage, which is the highest producing office in the country; 2) as a listing agent I outperform the market by 2% in my list price to sold price ratio; 3) I’ve closed nearly $30 million in volume and helped more than 100 families realize their real estate dreams; 4) I’m honored to serve as an Ignite instructor for the new agents who join our office and I serve on the Agent Leadership Council. 

But the stat I’m most proud of is that nearly 90% of my business comes from referrals and past clients.

I would not be able to produce at this high level or enjoy such a rewarding career if it weren’t for my sphere. It is a huge honor and the greatest compliment I can receive when someone refers me to a friend or family member who needs a strong agent.

Having a referral-based business, especially in just 5 years after starting this business in a brand-new area– is one of my greatest accomplishments. 

It means that at the end of a transaction my clients know they had someone fighting for them and their best interests; someone who genuinely cares about them.  

Providing this level of service and client experience takes a lot of time and effort and I’m so proud of the work I do for my clients. 

I also wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my support system. My broker, Rachel, who always sees my potential even when I don’t and constantly pushes me to be better. The incredible coaches and mentors who have encouraged and guided me. My colleagues who continue to inspire me. My business partners who have become the team behind me who are vital to each transaction closing smoothly. My family who always sees the best in me and especially my husband, Adam. Adam is my greatest asset. I credit him-and sometimes blame him-for getting me into real estate. During those really tough early years in building a business, it was him who kept me sane and moving forward. He is my constant sounding board and my closest advisor and my true partner in all things. 

So, without all of these people, without the experiences I’ve had and learned from; without Keller Williams Culture and environment, I would not be here celebrating 5 years in business!

I absolutely love my job and I’m so thankful for the life it’s creating for my family. I’m thrilled to see what the next 5 years hold. 

And, in celebration of the 5th anniversary, I’m here to make an exciting announcement. It is with abundant pride, honor and excitement that I introduce to you, The Crawford Team. 

Thanks to the support of all those previously mentioned, my business continues to grow in ways I could have never imagined. I have found 2 incredible, strong and ambitious women to join me in building something great!

Annie Kushner is a full-time agent on The Crawford Team. The experience Annie brings to the team is invaluable. Annie not only sells real estate but along with her husband, she’s also an investor. Through her own experience flipping properties, Annie offers great insight and advice to our clients about how to improve a home. Annie will be spearheading a special renovation program The Crawford Team will be rolling out later this year. Her communication style and pragmatic approach allows her to seamlessly guide our clients through the home buying and selling process and I know that our clients will find great comfort in working with Annie.

Nicole Walker is The Crawford Team Coordinator and a licensed Realtor as well. As Team Coordinator, Nicole will be managing the team’s daily operations, directing media campaigns and serving as a liaison for our clients. The moment you meet Nicole, you are instantly at ease with her big warm smile. She has a heart of gold and defines coming from contribution and I know our clients will absolutely love working with Nicole. Her high energy, ambition and vast marketing skills will be vital to the growth of the team and we are so pleased to have her join us.  

Though the name and look are different, our clients can expect the same commitment to excellence that they’ve always known. Empowerment is our passion and our goal is to help each client achieve their goals. We are so very excited to be taking this next step in our business and we look forward to helping you in this new year. So, if you have a real estate goal for 2019, give us a call, come meet the team and let us get to work for you.