Earlier this year The Crawford Team was able to bring to fruition a dream I’ve been dreaming for years.  On Saturday, November 16th we held the first annual Gratitude Brunch at Urban Brew and BBQ on Central Ave in St Pete.  More than 80 of our clients from over the years attended, enjoying a delicious brunch buffet, tasty drinks including a Crawford Team inspired pineapple mimosa and kindred fellowship.  For days after I was flying high on my own gratitude for the clients whom I was able to catch up with and for my incredible team who helped make this dream come true.  
From the beginning of my career as a Realtor I knew I wanted to build something special.  I wanted to earn a referral-based business where I had the opportunity to make clients for life and where I had the privilege of choosing the good people with whom I would work alongside.  To achieve that goal meant I had to provide a unique experience for every buyer and seller I represented.  On The Crawford Team, we call this our C.A.R.E. approach: Creating A Referable Experience.  In order to do so, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients.  We aren’t just a salesperson who helps close a deal, we are a resource, an adviser, a confidant, a friend, to our clients.  And it is our honest belief that each time someone hires us to help them navigate what is often the biggest financial transaction of their life, they are inviting us to be a part of their family, a part of their story.  
As I stood in front of the Gratitude Brunch guests and welcomed them to this heartfelt event, I didn’t just see familiar faces, I saw individual stories: the single mom who saved for years to be able to provide a home for her boys, the retirees who worked hard all their lives to get to spend the golden years at the beach, the family who suffered job losses and regrettably had to sell their beloved home, the empty-nesters who finally were able to spend their days traveling the country in an RV.  I remembered those stories and my heart overflowed with gratitude that I was invited to play a small role in those lives.
In 2019, 87% of the business closed by The Crawford Team was the result of referrals and repeat business from past clients.  Our treasured clients are who allow our business to continue growing, allow us to meet and get to help other deserving families and who allow us to continue writing our own personal stories.  
From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU! 

We thank you for your support, for the opportunities you provide us to help and for trusting us to hold your hand through the stress of buying and selling homes.  The Gratitude Brunch was our way of honoring the relationships we’ve developed over the years.  We are so excited to make this an annual event and look forward to seeing old faces and new ones at next year’s brunch.

-Monica Crawford