“Wouldn’t you feel better if
you put on some lipstick?” 

No matter the ailment, my Meme
firmly believed that lipstick was the cure. 

Bad mood, bad attitude, headache,
sadness, the flu … regardless of what was causing you pain, discomfort
or frustration, Meme believed a little lipstick was sure to lift your
spirits.  She put on her lipstick first thing in the morning and reapplied
several times throughout the day, and she always encouraged us to do the
same.  It’s because of her that I never leave the house without a
fresh application of color and I even find myself wearing a tinted chapstick
around the house.  She would be so proud!

Meme was the original boss lady,
despite living in times when women weren’t encouraged to have career
aspirations outside of the home.  She ran several businesses
including a hardware store, ice cream shop and grocery store and she retired as
a purchaser for a fashion department store, traveling the country to find the
latest trends in women’s fashion. She was the warmest person I’ve ever known,
never met a stranger and she loved her family deeply.  

As I chase my own dreams and
constantly try to counterbalance work and family life goals, I find comfort and
inspiration from Meme.  She is part of me and I know I can and will live
my best life because she lived hers. 

So on National Lipstick Day I pay
tribute to the woman who has inspired me the most… and now, I must go
reapply my lipstick.



Monica Crawford

Team Leader

Boss Lady