Did you know more than 7,000 children in Pinellas County live with chronic hunger and more than 36,000 live every day with food insecurities? In response to these devastating realities, a local organization called The Kind Mouse Productions INC. was formed to help feed children who do not have access to food outside of that provided through the Pinellas County School system. 


Gina Wilkins, the founder and CEO, created the organization in response to those suffering from the 2008 economic recession.  When she started seeing people from her own networks struggling to feed their families, she knew something had to be done.  


Weekly, the organization sends more than one and a half tons of food out their door to children in need.  And, just during the COVID pandemic they have filled more than 56,000 little tummies.  To understand the gravity of this issue, Kind Mouse has filled over 400,000 hungry tummies since their inception nearly 8.5 years ago and more than 56,000 in just the past six months.  The need is real.


The need is great and the need is heartbreaking.  There are few pains as gut wrenching as hunger and the little humans in our neighborhoods need our help! Kind Mouse focuses on helping children through the school systems and they partner with other local organizations and efforts to reach children in need. And they always need help!  There are various ways to support Kind Mouse and their effort to feed hungry kiddos in Pinellas County, including volunteering, making a financial donation and participating in one of their upcoming fundraising events, coordinating a food drive, and more!  Check out their website below to find out how you can get involved.


The Crawford Team has committed to living Keller Williams’ mission to “Give Where You Live” and we partnered with Kind Mouse for our first #PauseForTheCause volunteer day in September.  We spent a few hours helping the organization stock their shelves with donated food and we packed weekend food bags for nearly 300 kids! We also heard some success stories and some heartbreaking stories about children in our own neighborhoods who count on Kind Mouse.  It was a humbling and fulfilling day and we are so grateful that Kind Mouse provided the opportunity for us to get involved.


If you would like to help feed hungry kids in our community, please check out the links below to learn how you can get involved in Kind Mouse OR purchase a pair of The Crawford Team sunnies, as proceeds from these sales will benefit Kind Mouse.



Click here to find how you can support The Kind Mouse!